Inspired by The Greats (20/365) #blogaday

This afternoon, Nathan and I hit up a local museum near us that his cousin recommended. One thing that I love about Nathan is how analytical he can be – when we go to museums together, we take our time looking at each painting and having a discussion before moving on. I don’t understand people who can zoom past pieces of art! We usually only see one section on our visit but it is a much more powerful experience 🙂

We started outside in the sculpture garden because it was getting dark and cold soon. There is something so profound about sculpting! The fact that the artist often used a chisel to carve away at the material is such a foreign concept to me. You need a very steady hand and patience to create the amazing details.

Then, we focused on the temporary exhibition called “By Day and By Night: Paris in the Belle Époque” – as we started wandering through, I realized that the paintings which stuck out most were by Pierre Bonnard who is an impressionist. I think it is very interesting how he can make shapes have details with the slightest adjustment of brush stroke or pastel smudge.

Arc de Triomphe

We also liked paintings by Edouard Villuard who had interesting ways of using contrasting colors and spatial effects.

Interior with Pink Wallpaper

I have often mentioned wanting to learn to paint or sketch – I still draw like a five year old with stick figures haha! This year, I want to actually look into night classes or a weekend course in “Intro To Sketching” at a local community college. I’ll keep you posted on my progress 🙂

Picasso painting

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