Favorite Find: Field Music (21/365) #blogaday

This song played on All Songs Considered (an NPR music podcast) on my way home today, and something about the tune as well as the lyrics intrigued me. I added it to the options for January’s Top 12 playlist. The beat feels like a different era of music while the words are more powerful and political. As I am writing this post, I have Spotify on with the Field Music station “Making a New World” (their new album).

Field Music are a British band which originated in 2004 and I am looking forward to discovering more their sound! Here is the link to their website for more information about the group and songs http://field-music.co.uk

This next song is more instrumental, but still stuck out. I like the lyrics that eventually appear in “From a Dream, Into my Arms” – they are about meeting your child after imagining them in your partner’s belly 🙂

hello little boy in your mother’s primordial bath. while the sonographer measures your bones and your brain, I will just watch you projected from the screen from a dream into my arms.

“Count it up” goes back to feeling like a different era; there is a 70s disco aspect. I really like the range that this band has with a variety of styles for songs, even all on one album 😮

I hope you enjoyed listening to the songs and will look into Field Music as well!

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