The Construction Chorus (22/365) #blogaday

Bang bang bang! buzzzzzzz – screeeeeech!

This is the chorus of sounds that Nathan and I have been hearing for the past few weeks above our apartment. It is at fairly random times and quite loud. We were woken up this past Saturday at 8 am to sound of hammering and sawing… and on the ceiling of our room..!

I spoke to management yesterday and she said they were close to finishing now – the floors were being done yesterday and they are just putting in furniture and painting now. However, today there was some hammering again. It would’ve been nice to know before the construction started to be aware of the disturbance – also not knowing the timing of when the construction will be happening is frustrating. Nathan and I often come home from work and want to nap but sometimes, there is squeaking/scraping and hammering.

Sleep is very important for me not to be cranky or stressed so I’m hoping this next weekend I can sleep without being interrupted and that my naps can be sound again soon.

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