Nocturnal Nature (56/365) #blogaday

I have always been interested in nature shows ever since I was a kid – as a family, we often watched Blue Planet or Planet Earth when they first came out. Learning about animals that I never see in my own world is very intriguing and draws me in! In another life, I would be a veteranarian or something to do with animals. Unfortunately, I did not ace science classes in high school and being a biologist doesn’t make much money unless you have a grant for a project and your project becomes successful.  

Anyway, the point is that I like to watch animals in the wild on documentaries. There is a new one that came to Netflix called “Night on Earth.” Now that newer cameras and lighting technologies are available due to advancements, there are scenes that used to be pitch black or simply not visible to the human eye which are possible to see 😮

Something that struck me was how active the feline families are at night! They do most of their hunting at night (lions especially) – and a lot of the hunting season is based on the full moon. Certain animals can only see if the light from the moon is bright enough. Lions are able to see even in the pitch darkness, so for them, it is better if none of their prey know they are coming. I always thought that animals ate during the day and was aware that some were active since they are nocturnal (like bats), but I did not think that lions were chasing dinner down at night. 

I also found my new favorite wild animal 🙂 He is this cute little mouse in the desert, which has a tough layer of fur/skin, and he is the only animal that can eat scorpions..! I mean you would not expect this guy to be able attack and kill a giant scorpion, but he gets stung over and over by the tail and is still going. He also ends his kill with a very high-pitch shrill telling others that this is his territory. The video below is a MUST SEE. 

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