Stupendous Soup from Scratch!! (55/365) #blogaday

In order for me to feel comfortable grocery shopping, I have to decide what dinners I’ll be making for the month first. I wanted to branch out into some new cookbooks – my sister got me a NY times bestseller and I was ready to dive in!

After flipping through the categories, soups caught my eye and one in particular called “No more takeout for you soup.” I have been eating out a lot or buying boxed/frozen meals because of the laziness of not feeling like cooking and shopping and planning ha.

BUT I was on a mission to start cooking again and this soup turned out to be fairly simple and delicious 🙂 It is an interesting combination of ingredients for a soup (not what I would traditionally think of) – you use potatoes, peas, leeks, and lettuce with vegetable stock. And at first it looks like this:

Then I got to use the new food processor I got for Nathan as an Xmas gift which was very cool!

This soup was so good!! You could taste the potato without the peas being overpowering. And after chopping everything, you’re just waiting for vegetable broth to boil with the veggies (which is about 15 mins).

The recipe called for chives and sour cream as garnish (very Top Chef!)

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