Time ticks by (57/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 1/31

The question appears on the participant form: How many years have you done March slice of life?

Hmmm I open my old blog from graduate school and scroll all the way to bottom – March 2015 CLICK. That was the first time. I hold up one finger and go back to the bottom of the website.

No March 2016. Move up the March 2017..I was on my new blog by that point..

I open up “Hannah’s Happenings” – why is the calendar section all the way at the bottom??

March 2017. CLICK. I see 31/31 on a post so that was year 2. I have to hold up 2 fingers or I will forget! I also keep repeating to myself that 2015 was one and 2017 makes two 😮

There is so much back and forth with the top of the page to see the posts and the bottom to see the calendar…grr.

March 2018. CLICK. Yes! Year 3, add a third finger.

I know I did it last year so no need to check. Year 4, one more finger.

That means this year marks a full hand of March Slice of Life!! I cannot believe this 😀 It seems ages that I was a student in graduate school learning how to teach and starting my first blog, but it doesn’t that long that I’ve been doing slices with twowritingteachers. I am not a constant SOL Tuesday blogger, usually because of the time difference and it is Wednesday eastern time once I think about it here on a Tuesday.

I am pumped to start this 31 days and be Welcome Wagon to some new bloggers 🙂 I have done that for a few years now as well.

6 thoughts on “Time ticks by (57/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 1/31

  1. It’s interesting how you go back and check how long you’ve been slicing, I did the same, on my old blog as well. I also read some of my pieces and was amazed at my writing and yet starting this year’s still seems daunting for some of us.

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  2. I had to do the same, look back and count – it is Year 4 for me. Fun analogy, thinking of your year 5 as a full hand. Seems to me it should be a winning year for you, then! What an encouragement you’ll be to the new slicers; for me, that ended up being one of the greatest rewards of all.

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