A Taste of Honey (74/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 18/31

“Turn all things to honey, this is the law of divine living” Sri Aurobindo

Yesterday the grocery store that Nathan and I tried to go to was closed early – we ended up in this Armenian market nearby and it was fabulous! They had so many unique items and foods.

One thing that instantly caught my eye and got my mouth watering was the Honey – it is so golden and has honeycomb in it. I have tried honeycomb once before and it’s so delicious 😮

For lunch, I had some French bread with honey and goat cheese – so decadent and fairly healthy ha.

I have to thank bees for all the honey and the honeycomb 😀

4 thoughts on “A Taste of Honey (74/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 18/31

  1. There was a gentleman who used to set up at a yearly craft fair here who brought the work from his bee hives. He had some of the best creamed honey I have ever had. And I know allergists recommend local honey to help build up an immunity to local pollen, Yum!

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