Decorating and designing (150/365) #blogaday

As some of you know, I have picked up ModPodge again as an artistic activity during quarantine. It is similar to collaging, but with layers usually (a background and then things on top). ModPodge is the name of the glue you use to decorate different materials.

In I already did two rectangular plant pots and I have started working on one of my record boxes – this is originally where I first discovered ModPodge with decorating one of my record boxes while playing music after moving to my first apartment with Patches 🙂

I thought I would post pictures of what I have done so far! It is the lid of a record box and I plan to the rest of the box slowly (probably some over the weekend or maybe this week after I get home from work).

I look forward to designing the rest!

5 thoughts on “Decorating and designing (150/365) #blogaday

      1. I inherited a bunch of old wallpaper sample books (we’re talking 50’s or 60’s) and cut out a ton of images and patterns that I liked. I bet this would work well with that.

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