REBLOG of Weather gone WHACK! (151/365) #blogaday


As I am writing this post, it is 8:53 (at night) and about 80 degrees..!!

In the first few days of MAY?!

In a state that gets a lot of rain, and does not get this hot until about June… 😮

I am officially calling WTH on the weather. Heat waves should not be appearing in the middle of Spring – I am fine with it getting warmer and not raining as much, but not 85 degrees and staying hot for 2 DAYS! Spring weather should be about 75 (at most) with partly cloudy skies. I went for a walk to get my steps in, and was sweaty and too hot. NOT OKAY. Since about 4 pm, I have had the blinds drawn with windows open and ceiling fans blasting sitting in the dark. It is absolutely ridiculous. I didn’t move to a state that is supposed to have gorgeous seasons, just to be forced into a hot Summer too early. Don’t skip out on Spring!


Over the weekend, it is supposed to mellow back out and rain, and then be about 70 with partly cloudy (which is the way it should be!) But today and tomorrow is just uncalled for. It is getting everyone in the Summer mindset WAY TOO EARLY! As a teacher, it is tough keeping kids focused with the sun shining and them needing water constantly because they ran too hard at recess. Since I work with both preschool and elementary kids, I thought I would write my own version of “Mr. Golden Sun.”

So Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. golden sun

Please don’t shine so bright!

Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. golden sun

Stay behind the tree.

This young teacher is asking you

To please stay low so the temp. does too.

Mr. Sun, sun, Mr. golden sun

Please don’t shine so bright!

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