Impact of Interactive Reading (152/365) #blogaday

I started back up as a nanny this week and noticed that Gigi (not real name) has many books that involve learning or interacting as someone reads them. Having the listener answer questions or draw lines or learn an activity while being read to is great for toddlers!

Some examples of these stories are “Press Here” by Herve Tullet, “We are in a Book” by Mo Willems, and “Lots of Opposites.”

“Press Here” has the listener do various tasks that make something happen in the book. It is fun for kids because they are in charge of silly things occurring 🙂

“We are in a Book” teaches children what it means to be a reader of a book by having the characters, Piggie and Elephant, notice that they are being read. It talks about page numbers, books ending, and reading out loud. It also has a very funny story, and has the reader saying haha heehee” for a few pages, which makes Gigi smile. I have read this book while teaching Kindergarteners and they love it!

“Lots of Opposites” allows the reader to learn the concept of opposites and a few examples. It has a story and then asks “what is the opposite of day” before talking about night. Gigi really likes this one and has improved in knowing the opposites of the words in the book.

I enjoy the idea of having children more involved in the book they are reading because it keeps their brains active and they are learning more than how to read.

2 thoughts on “Impact of Interactive Reading (152/365) #blogaday

  1. All of these are great books! I like Mo Willems and I recommend his pretty new book, I Lost My Tooth. It’s another cute story. 🙂

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