Epic exploration (168/365) #blogaday

Today Nathan and I decided to go on a hike that was about an hour away (to get out of our local spots more). We started on our journey, listening to good tunes.

It was a bit of an adventure just to get to the parking lot (many windy roads through neighborhoods). But once we got there, we knew it was going to be great!

We started hiking and went on a trail that led to a waterfall. It was so unique, full of colorful landscapes and rainforest-like areas with rocky terrain and streams.

There were boulders to clamber over in the final stretch and we rolled up our pants, lost our shoes, and waded in to the mini lake 🙂 The water was so clear and glacial in temperature! It was a small waterfall (I’m touching it in the picture above) but still a great hike full of nature.

The wildlife was so lively as well! Birds were constantly chirping and flying in and out of the path. We also heard the buzzing of bees most of the way and found the hive deep in the forest.

Towards the end, this beautiful butterfly landed near us and I had to capture its yellow speckled wings with orange tips 😮

We both love to get outside and be surrounded by nature. Today’s weather conditions were perfect – cloudy most of the journey and then it was shaded under the forest for the rest. I don’t have a high tolerance for heat while hiking, so I’m glad the weather stayed mild 🙂 The hike in total took us over 3 hours with stopping every so often (and it was about 6 miles on the step counter)!

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