Time versus taste (320/365) #blogaday

In terms of cooking dinners after work, I usually opt for something fast because I am tired. But that does mean that sometimes (more often than not), the dinner is very basic.

I do have cookbooks that involve quick recipes with good ingredients, however, I gravitate towards couscous/pasta with frozen veggies or something similar.

If I can have a decent snack when I get home (maybe an English muffin with some fruit), then I plan to make Shepherds Pie for dinner! It is a classic British dish and my mom mentioned making it last week so it’s been on my mind 🙂

It takes a while because you need to boil the potatoes and mash them BEFORE compiling it all into a dish to bake in the oven. Mine does not involve beef since Nathan is vegetarian – it will have baked beans, mashed potatoes, carrots, tomatoes, and maybe onions.

I know this dish will be worth the time and effort to cook it! And it should last a few days 😮

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