Posture Position (MARCH SOL 19/31)

My neck has been very sore the past few days – right at the base where it connects to my shoulders.

It became painful the morning after my second dose (I wasn’t able to sleep on the left side because my arm hurt). My neck became stuck in one position.

Now the tweet is gone but it is still sore around the base. I think it has to do with looking down at my phone often – I’m not always just browsing social media on it, sometimes I’m writing (like now) or reading on the kindle app.

I’m going to try to do yoga for my neck tonight after work and keep stretching the muscles from side to side.

4 thoughts on “Posture Position (MARCH SOL 19/31)

  1. oh, my husband is having the same thing! He probably needs to rest his but he is not good at sitting still…. ever! I hope your neck is feeling better soon.

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    1. Necks do so much looking down and holding your head is exhausting. I sit down in my comfy armchair when I get home with a heat pad usually – but some light stretching should do good. Try to get your husband to stretch if he doesn’t like to sit still


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