Fun puns for little ones? (MARCH SOL 24/31)

Do you think toys should say puns? The child playing with it doesn’t necessarily understand

One of Eva’s (not her real name) toys says phrases like “Pawsome” and “you look fierce” and “it’s Meow-sic time”

While these are funny phrases and match with the cat who is saying them, I don’t think it’s benefitting a toddler who is learning language to hear phrases altered to be puns.

She is still learning how to say the regular words like “music” and “awesome.” I’m sure the creator just wanted to be funny for adults and children who are older.

What are your thoughts on puns for tots?

4 thoughts on “Fun puns for little ones? (MARCH SOL 24/31)

  1. This is an interesting thought! I, as an adult, love love love puns! I know people think they’re silly but I always love a good pun. I hadn’t considered that using them with toddlers or small children could potentially confuse their language. Something to think about for sure!

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  2. Sounds like this is something parents of toddlers would need to consider. I never really thought about it. But as a teacher who serves some Scholars will speech/language development issues, I tend to lean toward “not a good idea.” Just my opinion.

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  3. That is the very reason I hated the old Smurfs cartoon… it was every other word changed – smurfy, smurftastic, smurfalicious. I think we should encourage proper language over baby talk and “pun” words.

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