Frozen Fiasco (MARCH SOL 25/31)

After my zoom Zumba class, I wanted a smoothie to be healthy.

I poured the milk

Added about 6 frozen strawberries

Then added a teaspoon of cacao nibs

Blended it up


The smoothie was an almost solid block of strawberry ice!

I tried stirring but it was a very thick frothy consistency

I put in the fridge hoping it would melt up

Nathan and I went on about an hours walk

The smoothie was still thick and not drinkable – it was a bit better but looked more like shampoo foam..

I left it in the fridge until the morning and then it looked like two separate drinks – there was a pink liquid at the bottom with a the frozen strawberry mixture above..!

I just ended up pouring it out

Maybe there were too many frozen strawberries to milk ratio? I’ve never had this happen – what do you think was the culprit?

2 thoughts on “Frozen Fiasco (MARCH SOL 25/31)

  1. Hm! I have had a smoothie separate after a longer period of time but the super thick block of strawberry is odd. I wouldn’t think just 6 strawberries would do that! I hope your next one was successful and delicious!

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