Buying the basics *Finishing March 4/8 left*

I know the March SOL has finished since it is now April, BUT I started 8 days late into the challenge of blogging for 31 days. So I want to complete my 31 straight days on my own! This is day 4 of the 8 remaining April posts.

I have been sick today, and when it comes to eating after your stomach has rejected almost everything – it really gets you appreciating the basics of toast, graham crackers, soup, and plain pasta. Today, for my slice of life, I am writing a short ode to the most basic foods.

Toast with some butter, nothing better

Crackers, what a comfort after a stomach fight.

Nothing beats plain chicken broth to warm the shakes right out of you.

Thank you for settling my exhausted soul!

Pasta with the smallest amount of cheese, please give me some ease.

Rest is wonderful for healing, but once food becomes appealing, the basics come to the rescue. 

Thank you for settling my exhausted soul!

I will be using you all tomorrow as well, just to make sure my day back at work isn’t hell.

Thank you for settling my exhausted soul!


8 thoughts on “Buying the basics *Finishing March 4/8 left*

    1. Well I know I must eat something and the plainer the better! My mom has influenced what I eat after being sick (and she always gave me super basic things). But I don’t eat until my stomach tells me it is fully ready! I mostly rest

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  1. This made me think of my son. He was sick today and didn’t eat anything until his antibiotics kicked in. Then he had three peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I hope you feel better tomorrow.

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