Sore from getting stronger *Finishing March 5/8 left*

I know the March SOL has finished since it is now April, BUT I started 8 days late into the challenge of blogging for 31 days. So I want to complete my 31 straight days on my own! This is day 5 of the 8 remaining April posts.


Ooof! My body is feeling it after my workout today! I go to the same classes every few days, but some days the instructor decides to switch up the moves to focus on different parts of the body. This evening, she paid close attention to the arms (and mine are always sore because of my shoulders!) I also didn’t work out on Monday due to lesson planning really late, and on Tuesday, I was sleeping off my illness – therefore, my body got used to relaxing again. It is good to have sore muscles because it means you are doing something right! As long as you don’t end up pulling a muscle by working too hard, your body should be at least a bit sore the next day and directly after.

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