TBT: Sore from getting stronger (April 6th)

I wanted to find an old post that was similar to how I am feeling now with my new workout routine of daily yoga – the one below seemed like it fit. Since I am throwing myself into the abyss (gorge) that is yoga for a month, my whole body is pushing itself to stay powerful! I am definitely feeling sore in parts that haven’t been stretched in these ways for a while, as well as more tightness in my neck and shoulders – I am confident they will loosen up as the yoga continues!

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Please read the full post from April 6th below – and comment with your own workout regime if you like 🙂

Ooof! My body is feeling it after my workout today! I go to the same classes every few days, but some days the instructor decides to switch up the moves to focus on different parts of the body. This evening, she paid close attention to the arms(and mine are always sore because of my shoulders!) I also didn’t work out on Monday due to lesson planning really late, and on Tuesday, I was sleeping off my illness – therefore, my body got used to relaxing again. It is good to have sore muscles because it means you are doing something right! As long as you don’t end up pulling a muscle by working too hard, your body should be at least a bit sore the next day and directly after.


3 thoughts on “TBT: Sore from getting stronger (April 6th)

  1. Yoga is a crucial part of my workout routine. I’m a runner and zumba teacher, so my hamstrings and quads are so incredibly tight. I was so frustrated with the lack of flexibility until my yoga teacher reminded me that tightness is a product of my fitness and to give it time. I love yoga because it is a journey where small gains give way to big gains. I hope you’re enjoying your practice.

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