Vegan Variety

Nathan is a vegetarian, and we have been looking for great vegetarian restaurants in our area. In our new home, we found some amazing vegan places! They did more than just serve tofu – they transformed vegetables into delicious dishes.

It was incredible as a meat eater to see what could be done with vegetables. My favorite place did “mock meat,” like orange chicken and pulled pork that was actually battered cauliflower and jack fruit with BBQ sauce. It was so delicious and healthy 🙂 I could tell that it wasn’t chicken but the sauce helped me pretend it was from Panda Express.

We also ate at a Mexican-based vegan and a more Americanized vegan. I had yummy butternut squash quesadillas, bean patties, plaintain with mole, and palenta with brown rice.

When you go to a restaurant that is solely garden-based, they make vegetable dishes more unique than he vegetarian options at meat-eating restaurants. Nathan, my sister, and I were definitely in a food coma or trance after eating so much vegan food!


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