Crockpot Concoctions (#1)

A few years ago, I was given a crock pot and I love it! I have only made a few dishes in it, and really want to start utilizing it. I made a soup last week, and I was so happy to have dinner already made when I got home in the evening.


Having something slow cooking while you are at work is ingenious 🙂 I think I haven’t used it to its fullest potential yet because it takes some mental effort and prep the night before to have the meal ready for the morning. BUT if I pick easy dishes that just need water (like soup or a casserole), it takes very little time.

simple ingredients + water + timer = delicious dinner within reach! 

Now that I have realized how quick this process can be, I plan to come up with crockpot concoctions every few weeks – keep your eyes peeled for posts. I would love to make more than just soup and casseroles as well. If you have any ideas (that are fairly easy to prep) for slow cooker meals, please comment below as I am constantly looking for new recipes!

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