Motivating with a Massage!

Who knew that rubbing out all the knots and tension would make you really want to get things done?!

Today, I treated myself to a massage since we had the day off from school. My shoulders and neck hold an immense amount of pain and tightness that I have gone to the doctor for – they suggest heat, stretches, massage, and pain medication. I use heat and the medication mostly, but want to get better at slowly stretching and getting massages. When I was a student, I had a chiropractor who gave me weekly massages – however, my current doctor didn’t think that I needed one since I don’t have any previous injuries.

Anyway, my massage today felt amazing. She really went in to the spots that I mentioned, and she gave me advice for how to loosen up my neck. I get cheaper massages through the gym and spa that I joined a few months ago. I have decided that I need to go every month to get a massage for the sake of my neck and shoulder pain as well as my overall well-being. I felt revitalized! I also want to do yoga on the weekends to help lengthen and mellow my muscles out. While I was taking deep breaths on the massage table, I connected to yoga and the constant deep breaths that you take to continue the relaxation process and blood flow.

Starting this weekend, I want to take better care of health and muscles by doing yoga on Sundays through the gym and booking one massage every month. I also plan to get in the groove with the workout classes – there have been many things after school that took my attention but now that those are cleared up, I can focus on getting those endorphins that transmit positive energy to my brain 🙂

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