February Top 12 Tunes!

Now that is March (how I’m not sure!) – it is time to post my February playlist..dun dun DUN

Sadly, when I dropped my phone in the toilet earlier last month (moment of silence please) – I lost of all my memos as well and my January 2019 playlist was amongst them. I have remembered a few of the songs from that list and decided that February will be longer in order to include those.

  • Here are the songs that made the cut! I have underlined the ones from January
  • “Because” Across the Universe cast Beautiful harmonies 🙂
  • “Fear of falling asleep” Tender Puts you in a mellow but upbeat place
  • “99 proofs” Many Rooms Pretty drone of the guitar
  • “Wedding in finistere” Jens Lekman Great lyrics and puts me back at the concert
  • “Feel the way I do” (NE party house remix) Jungle Giants Makes you move and groove instantaneously!
  • “Way up” Jamila Woods Uplifting verses
  • “Almost lover” A Fine Frenzy Ballad great for belting in the car
  • “Taken blame” Gordi Colorful instrumentals
  • “Funny frog” Belle and Sebastian Catchy tune and lyrics
  • “Siren” Overcoats Very unique!
  • “The brain” Jeffrey Ziegler and the Golden Hornet So many intricacies at once
  • “This is why we fight” Decemberists Classic vibes
  • “Pell” Yann Teirson Deep breath in, and slowly let it out
  • “Neon me out” Sego Fun and intriguing beat
  • “Killer” Pale Hound No description necessary
  • “Ring ting tang toon” Mountain Man Engulf your mind with the melody
  • “Barrel” Aldous Harding Makes me happy

Many of these songs remind me of nature or make me visualize being somewhere peaceful (hence the feature image) 😀

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