(March SOL) As mighty as a mountain!

For our anniversary, Nathan and I are up in June Mountain/Lake! As we were closing in on our hotel, the landscape changed to snow-covered streets and mountains all around 🙂 I kept thinking about how vast the surroundings were and how tiny we are (especially in my Volkswagen Beetle!) It was about 40 minutes where both sides had gorgeous, massive structures 😮

There is something so humbling about nature that made me feel so small compared to the world around me. The world is such an open space and there are millions of spots that I have yet to explore!

Tomorrow, Nathan and I hit the slopes for the first time in a while (Nathan has never done it, and it has been at least 12 years for me) – now we are going to the “lake” where it is all covered in snow and pushing each other in a sled haha 😀

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