May the odds be ever in your favor (71/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 15/31

We are about to play Rummy.

Nathan shuffles.

I deal. 7 cards each.

We are going for two pair and a run.

I put down a 3 of spades.

Nathan picks it up. Discards another.

Nathan proceeds to put down his hand.

He only needed the 3 of spades to win and that is the exact card I put down..!

What are the odds?

We decide to play again since that was the quickest game ever.

He shuffles the deck again.

He deals the 7 cards.

I have a song stuck in my head so we listen to it on YouTube.

I pick up my cards and tell him to go first.

He discards and picks up another from the deck.

I reorganize my cards and place them on the table.

I was dealt two pair, and a run (three cards of the same suit in ascending or descending order).

What are the odds?

After playing what we thought was the quickest game of Rummy, (with only one card needed before the person won) we THEN played a game in which someone is dealt the winning hand.. 😮

At this point, we are both shouting and in shock like no other!!

We decided to play again.

BUT this time we are switching it up.

We want two runs and a pair now.

I shuffle and deal 8 cards.

The game goes on normally.

After a few regular rounds of focused Rummy finding two runs and a pair, we decide to play “Fibbage” on our TV.

We both sign in using

First round – Nathan picks my lie. I get the answer correct.

Second round – I pick his lie and he gets it right.

Third round – we both get it right.

Fourth round – I pick the fake computer answer and he picks my lie.

The game ends with another… WHAT ARE THE ODDS?

10 thoughts on “May the odds be ever in your favor (71/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 15/31

  1. I enjoy the way I can envision these games. Mouths agape as you look at each other, not believing what you are seeing, each time more incredible than the last. And I also love the way your threaded question plays off the title, which immediately got me hooked (in my own Effie voiceover). Well done!

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  2. Sounds like the cards needed to be shuffled a bit! My 7 year old has figured out how to stack the deck so he can win. If he invites us to an UNO game that has already been dealt out we know exactly who will win! The structure of this piece really shows how quickly the game started and ended.

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  3. Can’t say whether the odds will *ever* be in your favor, but they sure were for you two during these games. Maybe spend some of your next down time refining your card shuffling moves? 😉

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