Body better be it’s best! (108/365) #blogaday

On Sunday, I woke up was feeling pretty achy (my left side in particular). While Nathan was meditating, I decided I would do some yoga to try and stretch while also getting some deeper breaths to the muscles.

I love all the videos I have done on the “Yoga with Adrienne” channel, and the one I chose was AMAZING! It’s called Yoga to feel your best – I am usually still sore after yoga depending on what muscles I woke up or maybe overstretched. So I was a bit skeptical for “feeling my best”, however, I felt like I could climb a mountain afterwards 😮

I had so much energy and my side ache was gone and it was invigorating! I will be doing that episode again on the weekends or after work one day 🙂

One thought on “Body better be it’s best! (108/365) #blogaday

  1. Sounds like a good workout. I really need to pick yoga back up. It is one exercise I can still do and not have terrible pain afterwards. Glad you feel better.


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