Pining for PB Biscuits (115/365) #blogaday

Peanut butter and chocolate is the best combination known to man in my book!

So when I saw this recipe on the Instagram page of “Halfbaked Harvest,” I knew I had to try it 😀

It was a very fun cookie to make because I got to flatten them out into little rounds and then make cutouts in half to be the tops – the website was for Easter and I do not own bunny cookie cutters so decided to create my own designs ha 😮

I also didn’t want to buy chocolate chips because we already had cocoa powder and the grocery stores are somewhat insane right now.

So I whisked up my frosting using powdered sugar and cocoa powder and water. Then filled the cookies using my piping bag (which is also exciting) – some of the scores got a bit closer together during baking but that’s ok since they are just for Nathan and myself!

I just ate the last of these PB chocolate gems and I am already longing for more of them haha – definitely going to bake them again since it was fairly simple and not too many ingredients 🙂

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