Captivating Cardio (114/365) #blogaday

I have been mainly doing zumba on Saturdays or yoga occasionally while at home, but one of my friends suggested “Popsugar Fitness” on Youtube. I made sure to look for a workout that said BEGINNER or EASY because it has been a while since more intensive exercise ha.

My plan starting this week is to workout Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturday mornings – I want to try and pick a consistent time for the Monday and Wednesday sessions because that will help me stay accountable if it feels more like a class.

Today, I completed the “Low-impact cardio for beginners” and it was still tough! It was nonstop movement to the next set of exercises (you would do each for 30 reps and then switch to another). I am interested to see what other types of workouts they have since the channel is full of variety such as kickboxing, intervals, yoga, dance, cardio etc. My friend mentioned that she feels stronger since she has started and it is a good way to stay active 🙂

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