Having happiness and hope (133/365) #blogaday

I was looking on my old blog for inspiration since I also did the #blogaday challenge on it in 2015! I found this post below which stood out because of its interesting style. Feel free to check out what I wrote 5 years ago 🙂


The post is a list of your “have to’s,” “hope to’s,” and “happy to’s.” I think in this current state of the world right now it is a great way to calm my mind and focus on positives as well as the necessities.

Here is the 2020 version of these lists:

HAVE to’s

– go grocery shopping ASAP

– pay bills every month

– blog every day (but I love it!)

HOPE to’s

– go to Australia soon (it was next month)

– see my friends in real life sooner than later

– be working again

HAPPY to’s

– be home with Patches on the daily

– be writing and doing art every week

– be eating healthy more often

What do your lists look like? Write in the comments below 😀

3 thoughts on “Having happiness and hope (133/365) #blogaday

  1. Have to – remember to take my meds daily, wear a mask in public; Hope to – start exercising more, stop eating junk; Happy to – write daily, touch base with my friends weekly

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