Game Guru (171/365) #blogaday

Good mew-ving!

Hannah told me to write the post tonight, so it is my time to shine 😺

Mom and Dad have recently been sitting at the table for long periods of time with all these mini pieces and big boards.

They don’t really like it when I walk in the middle of the table during that time…

I think I am a master of these games and I have crowned myself the “Game Guru” – I have knocked Nathan’s pieces off the board so many times (to help out Mommy).

They even let these little yellow and red men ride my back one night 🙂

2 thoughts on “Game Guru (171/365) #blogaday

  1. The kitty just wanted to help you…. how kind. I have found our cats don’t understand not to sit in the middle of a board game either. But they are so cute you can’t help but love them.

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