Why worry while waiting (250/365) #blogaday

Last night with a slight fever of 99.8, worry set in. Even though the family I work for had recent covid tests that came back negative, it is still something that crossed my mind as I tried to sleep.

My brain started spiraling to who we saw recently while social distancing and with masks. I would have to tell them that they have been exposed to someone who now has covid.

This morning, the fever was still there and we decided I should get a test and stay home for the day. Then I had all day to think about it…

Luckily, my nannying family goes to a clinic that has same day results. After waiting over an hour to get tested, and a few more hours while at home – I am also negative!

It’s crazy how quickly your brain can think of the worst (and how often it happens). The baby I take care of had a slight fever this week so it makes sense that I could have just caught it from her. Her test was negative too 🙂

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