Hiking for your health (283/365) #blogaday

Nathan and I normally love to go hiking, but it has been VERY hot recently and the air quality was been up and down. When we were up in the mountains for camping, it was perfect for hiking 🙂

We arrived a bit early to our campsite, so we ventured to the surrounding area and found a great hiking trail. We went for about two miles before I was hungry and my legs were aching.

Once we went to the campsite, there was a beautiful forest to wander around and we spent as much of the warm part of the day strolling and exploring. Nathan told me that our steps for that day were about 30,000 😮 My calves definitely felt that!

The next day, we wandered around for about an hour after packing up and then set off to find a lake. We ended up walking the perimeter for probably an hour or more 🙂 it was absolutely stunning! My phone said about 12,000 steps for that day.

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