In awe of anniversary (MARCH SOL 6/31)

Boyfriend, partner, best friend, fiance

All these words describe the man I live with and love

We met in college 8 years ago on February 15 and after a few weeks of dating, we became a couple on March 6.

Ever since, we have been there for each other through so many moments of growth and loss and stress and happiness

We are planning to make the next big step this year and I can’t be happier to make my roomie and fiancé into my husband.

This picture is from 2016

9 thoughts on “In awe of anniversary (MARCH SOL 6/31)

  1. All love and smiles on a Saturday morning. What a great start to my weekend! I look at you and your “boyfriend, partner, best friend, fiancé, and see my son and his wife (since October 2020).

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