Tapping back in to the typewriter (DAY 12/31 MARCH SOL)

In December of 2019, I fell in love with a blue typewriter at a thrift store in Oregon. I knew it had to come home with me (even if it meant checking another bag haha!)

Very quickly a storyline came to me and I began writing away in January. I wrote consistently probably for about 6 months, and then a new job and moving and this little thing called the Pandemic started trickling in.

I wrote maybe once or twice in 2021 but the book eventually, and unfortunately, fizzled out.

I felt this drive to write but also was cutting alot of my passions off after my cat passed away spring of 2022. Bringing out that fun side didn’t sit well.

Another year later, and I want to get back to the book! I wrote about 60-70 pages and I can’t just give up now. I know the writers block may come back and other life circumstances but I’m hoping that re-reading what I’ve created so far on the lovely blue typewriter will reignite the flow.

Below is my favorite part I wrote back in February of 2020 🙂

5 thoughts on “Tapping back in to the typewriter (DAY 12/31 MARCH SOL)

    1. I got given my first one in high school from mt history teacher who was throwing it out, and used it so often. I gave it away when my parents moved house as the ink was running out and it was very heavy! But Im so glad that I found this and decided to bring it home on the airplane haha – im hoping the inspiration will still be there even though I haven’t touched it a year or so. Thanks for reading!


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