(March SOL) Here comes the sun..watch out!

I forget that even though it isn’t too hot (70-75), you can still get a pretty bad burn! I was out hiking yesterday for over an hour and was wearing a tank top. I put on sunscreen, but must not have done enough – I knew that my chest and shoulders would be at risk because they were not covered..but low and behold, Nathan and I get home and I am a tomato on my chest, shoulders, and upper back area :/

I am staying covered up with regular tees and high neck blouses for work. But it is crazy that even with sunscreen, you can still burn or it can be brutal if you miss some spots. I guess it’s back to applying sunscreen on a daily basis!

6 thoughts on “(March SOL) Here comes the sun..watch out!

  1. Living in Florida, I wear sunscreen each day on my face, but sometimes especially in the spring when it is cool, but sunny I too get burnt. Glad you were able to enjoy the day. Good reminder!

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