New Character in MY STORY (42/365) #blogaday

Below is a segment I wrote earlier this week introducing a new character to the story – I hope you enjoy!

Dierdre Brown considered herself to be part girl, part ninja, and part badger. She was top of her martial arts class since day one, which must mean she was already a professional and therefore, quitting the class made perfect sense. Badgers have a great sense of smell, are great diggers, and love to eat eggs. Dierdre has been stealing farmers’ eggs and living in a cave since she ran away from home when she was there. Her parents just didn’t understand her. She crawls more than she walking since her olfactory system is so strong, and you need your nose to the ground. Dierdre, aged twelve, wears brown calf skin she draped like a dress with a birch tree belt, and a raccoon fur hat. The hat is the only article of clothing she took with her when she left home. It belonged to her father who got it from his father who helped kill the raccoon with his father. This hat has heritage and is rooted in the belief that the ducks are hiding something. It is a well-known fact that the Brown family are conspiracy theorists.

(The cover photo and picture below is my map so far of the island called Vicanosia where the story takes place – Dierdre’s cave is in the bottom left corner)

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