Refrain about Rain (68/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 12/31

As I hear the splish splosh and pitter patter outside, a calmness fills my mind.

Rain makes me want to relax and bundle up with hot chocolate. Errands can be put off until another time as I just want to read a book or write my story with records playing in the background 🙂

Rain reminds me of what used to be home. The hustle and bustle of Oregon doesn’t stop when life gets a little wet! But where I live now, the world goes to chaos.

Rain clears the air and brightens the green around us.

Rain clears my head from worries and brings hope for new adventures tomorrow.

Rain resets my mental and body clock by washing away the faults of yesterday.

Rain, I love you.

5 thoughts on “Refrain about Rain (68/365) #blogaday MARCH SOL 12/31

  1. I love your vivid descriptions of the calmness that rain brings. I once lived in Oregon, so I know what you mean. Life goes on rain or shine!

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  2. You must have moved to my part of the world where rain is such an event! No one can drive in it, our streets and schools and yards flood…and our weather reporters go into overdrive! Love your thoughts about rain!

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