Experimenting and Edible (189/365) #blogaday

One of the cooking stores near us is closing down, so we went to see what was on sale. I bought fondant, edible gold paint, and some other fun things 🙂

Today was full of FIRSTS in terms of baking and techniques which were fun to execute.

A few weeks ago I had bought a Bundt cake tin and had yet to use it, so it was time to do some baking!

I made an “all in one” vanilla cake and baked it for 26 minutes at 350 (following this recipe Vanilla Cake Recipe )

Then while the cake was cooling, I decided to make a berry compote (which I had never done before) – it was surprisingly simple and delish. Berry compote recipe

I soaked the cake with it and then poured the remaining on top and in the middle with some berries.

At the same time as the berries were reducing earlier, I started on my fondant rose (I have seen tons of bakers use it on shows, making extravagant designs). It was my turn to try out a rose 🙂

Fondant Rose “How to” was the most basic step by step, and it worked amazingly!

I dyed the fondant pink with a bit of red food coloring, then you roll out pieces into a ball (16), flatten each one, and wrap it around the middle “taco-looking” piece. I added gold because it’s so pretty and also was something I had never used! 😮

The final touch was to add gold to the cake as well…

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