Holiday Health Help (336/365) #blogaday

Now that it is December (!), it’s time to talk more about the holidays and how to keep yourself calm during the stress of gift giving or seeing your family (if you are traveling safely this year).

My friend, Mia Counts Lynch, wrote a great post on Holiday Self Care (the link is below!)

5 ways to take care of yourself during the holidays

She mentioned five main points: cozying up, indulging, turning off notifications, keeping up with traditions, and sleeping.

I am already cozying up with Christmas baking shows and hot cocoa as well as indulging on peppermint flavored candies. I always try to get a good night’s sleep but sometimes am restless for various reasons.

My family isn’t too intense with constantly messaging but I do agree about putting down your phone or ignoring it at times. Some of the traditions involved going to holiday events (which are not possible this year) but Nathan and I decorated our apartment, and I am going to a driving version of a Christmas light show.

Please read more of my friend’s posts if you are interested 🙂 She is a writer and loves history and a long time friend of mine.

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