Second dose slice (MARCH SOL 15/31)

Tomorrow afternoon, I receive my second dose of the Pfeizer vaccine.

I am not particularly worried about symptoms.

I was a bit nauseous and had a headache with the first dose but I was more nervous with that one – it was such a foreign thing even though a few friends had received theirs and told me what to expect. I was more unsure of the pain. However, it didn’t hurt at all 🙂

I’ll probably write a post on Wednesday about how I feel from it (if I’m affected at all).

It gives me hope with the news about most people being able to get vaccines by May or June. I would really like to see people without masks and be able to travel locally and eventually internationally with little worry.

6 thoughts on “Second dose slice (MARCH SOL 15/31)

  1. Yay to your second dose! I hope your side effects are minimal or nonexistent. Now that I’m about a few weeks past mine, I truly feel like I have super powers! I’m also very hopeful for many more to get it soon. Yes to a light at the end of the tunnel!

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  2. I hope things are going well after your second dose! I am not getting too optimistic about no masks for a while yet. There are so many variants already who knows what will happen. I will be happy if we can get rid of the masks in 2022, ecstatic if it is before that.

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