Finding food finesse with new gadgets!

One of the bigger things on our wedding registry we received was a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer! My mom was gifted one a few years ago, and it was always in my mind because it makes things much simpler.

I used it once after my bridal shower a few months ago to create a recipe a friend had given me. AND I just used it again last night to make zucchini bread!

I mixed the wet ingredients separately in the mixing bowl then added the zucchini and turned it on. Lastly, I poured in the dry ingredients (through the splatter guard feature). It took me a few minutes and the bread was ready to go in the oven 😮

I will definitely be using it more and more! I still have to figure out how to knead bread with it, since I’ve only done it by hand (mainly the timing of how long to mix the dough).

It turned out very yummy!

I added peanuts and caramel pieces as well

Below is the recipe I used (I love this cooking blog :D)

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