A Parting Post

This is a tribute to my loving and quirky old man kitty (Patches Galloway)

Purrfect companion

Always with me in memories

Taken from us too soon

Cat who was unique as can be

Had such a way of lifting my mood by just being you

Empathetic energy radiating constantly

Sunshine glistening through the windows will always make me think of you

Passed away on April 4, 2022 (8 years in my life, 10 years prior, 18 amazing years as a kitty)

Patch seemed to like music and be moved by certain songs to either calming or more intense places. Below are three songs for each year he was with me that were part of his life in some way.

Peeps Playlist

2015 “cloudbusting” Kate bush, “the temporary blues” the features, “o Valencia” the Decemberists: Splotch enjoyed hearing my dad’s tunes, while settling in to having me as his owner, at our temporary home (my parents’ place).

2016 “22” Bon Iver, “no river” esme patterson, “Landing Cliffs” Explosions in the Sky: The mellow and repetitive tones of Explosions in the Sky lulled us both often.

– 2017 “heavn” Jamila woods, “no one knows me like the piano” sampha, “ocean” ninet tayeb: Pappy lay on the couch soaking up the calm sounds as I showed Nathan my February playlist in our first shared apartment.

– 2018 “sunset and the mockingbird” duke Ellington, “I’ll have to dance with Cassie” belle and Sebastian, “light on” Maggie Rogers: Pap hung out with Nathan on Valentines Day listening to Duke on repeat until I came home from work.

-2019 “time to rest your weary head” Jacob collier, “dawn chorus” thom Yorke, “one day” misner and smith: P loved hearing the birds of “dawn chorus” and going to sleep.

– 2020 “dusk tempi” field works, “aeroplane bathroom” gordi, “everyday is like Sunday” Morrissey: Patchwell relaxed listening as I watched Colin Meloy (did Morrissey cover) and Gordi play on Instagram live.

– 2021 “a little respect” erasure, “as we go along” the monkees, “love me when I go to sleep” steady holiday: Peep snuggled and watched many episodes of Scrubs on my lap, which used Erasure early on.

– 2022 “blues legacy” bags and trane, “surfers stomp” the Mar-Kets, “54-46 was my number” toots and the maytals: Pappy T liked grooving with me to these songs in the first three months of the year.

As long as the dancing was slow or just bouncing, he was fine with being picked up and moving to songs. During the start of the pandemic, line dancing switched to being on Zoom. Since I was at home, Patch wanted to be part of the fun and be with me. This is one of my favorite videos now of us enjoying being together (top right corner).

Lastly, below is one more post from Patch:

April 3, 2022

I have always been a social kitty, and love hanging with Mom and Nathan the most of course. But when they have fellow cat lovers come, it can be the perfect night.

Their friends were all about sitting on the floor with me and giving me a spot behind them on the couch! I moved between the four people getting cuddles all night and felt so loved. I didn’t know what tomorrow would bring, but I’m so glad this experience of warmth and snuggles was my last night.

I am so glad you were in my life little P! It was really enriched by your presence – love you always, Mom.

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