What’s Stu up to? (DAY 3/31 MARCH SOL)

Well meow! This is my furst slice of March. My name is Hestu but my mom and dad often call me Stu.

I have just started exploring new parts of the house that I moved into about a month ago. I’m still nervous but I come down alot more than last week. I believe I’ll get comfortable very soon!

These are the spots I’m considering purrfect downstairs so far.

This couch is very squishy and has a great view out the window
I like the seats here as I can see who is coming in and out of my house
This rug is hidden under the table so I can be stealthy

14 thoughts on “What’s Stu up to? (DAY 3/31 MARCH SOL)

  1. Hello, Stu! You’ve chosen some perfect lounging spots and resins for them.. I hope you’ll enjoy your new home.

    Side note: Black wording on a dark gray background is very difficult to see for visually impaired people like me. If that matters to you, you might want to change the background so there’s more contrast.

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  2. Oh, he’s so cute! Love that first photo. So when you move to a new place even if you’re there, cats are still nervous? My cat recently was very upset having to stay at my daughter’s apartment. I thought it might have been more because we weren’t with him but I guess any new place is scary. Good luck in your new home and my best to Hestu.

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    1. He just joined our family a month ago and was originally a mostly outdoor cat so us and the house is new to him. So it can be overwhelming but I’m so glad he is settling in!


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