HIT, HIT, UP! March SOL DAY 15/31


“Grab your sticks!”

Uncertainty fills my mind as the instructor starts the music…


While writing this post, my endorphins are going a little nuts. I just did a very fun workout class through my new gym, Crunch! Using weighted drumsticks, you follow an instructor in doing various moves and tapping to the beat of music. I am definitely going to this class twice every week!

I have been sporadically working out (about one day a week) since I started back-to-back subbing and helping at Kindercare. I was just too exhausted when I got home! Starting this week, I am only doing subbing, which gives me more time in the evenings and some afternoons to work out. I also just joined Crunch! which is a super cheap gym that gives you access to group classes – I used to do Zumba through the college gym, but had a hard time finding a class cheap enough now that I am out of school. I was hooked when a coworker told me she was going to Zumba at Crunch for 10 bucks a month 😮 I joined instantly, and looked into their class schedule for Zumba times and other fun workouts.

“Pound” interested me because it incorporates music, beats, and drumsticks – how cool is that? I have now filled my calendar with Pound followed by Bar Method every other day, and Zumba on the days in between. Super pumped I found a fun new way to workout! And am reunited with my love of Zumba 🙂


Personal DAY 7, started late! (going to complete 31 days! just into April a bit as well)




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