Frozen vs. fresh food (DAY 18/31 March SOL)

In the past few years, I have been cooking meals for myself using cookbooks and recipes I have found online. I often use a mix of frozen vegetables as well as some fresh ingredients. However, I do pick up frozen dinners every once a while (if I haven’t gone grocery shopping yet or for lazy evenings after work).

As I am eating a frozen meal tonight – it got me thinking about the difference between cooking a meal myself and reheating a microwave ready-made dish. Tonight, I am eating a cheesy broccoli pasta. It took 5 minutes in the microwave and is decent for dinner. I have made my own version of cheesy broccoli rice takes a total of 30 minutes to cook the rice and broccoli and make the cheese sauce. Now it does taste amazing (if I do say so myself!)

I understand frozen dinners for convenience, but I think I prefer making dinners because I can manipulate the sauce and ingredients more. What are your thoughts on frozen dinners versus cooking meals?

3 thoughts on “Frozen vs. fresh food (DAY 18/31 March SOL)

  1. I am all for convenience but I think I ate far too many frozen dinners for high school lunches growing up that I can’t remember the last time I actually ate a frozen dinner. If I am short of time or energy but go to meal is eggs and toast with some sort of fruit or vegetable that I find lying around.

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