(March SOL) Positivity = productivity

Over this past weekend, Nathan’s mom was in town. She is also a teacher and was telling us her schedule for the morning. She gets up at 445..! Nathan and I instantly were like “ugh…how do you get out of bed?!” She had a great response that anytime I have a bad thought about she thinks of people who don’t have a choice of when they get up or a job or a home, and it reminds her how blessed her life is. So she moved on and wakes up.

I find this really fun wonderful because I definitely am one to grumble in the morning and complain about things (like dropping my phone in the toilet or my car breaking down) when I should really grateful that I have money to have a car and a phone, and that I have the support of my parents and Nathan to help me through! It can be tough to live in the mindset of privilege, but knowing that the little things I complain about are so insignificant in a family that is less fortunate.

I want to try and live this Nathan’s mom’s mantra 🙂

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