Conquering the couronne! (127/365) #blogaday

Last weekend, I decided to try to REMAKE a Chocolate Couronne. A few years ago, I attempted my first couronne at my parents’ house and let’s just say it was a messy burnt experience haha! Feel free to check out the old post below

The second time around was a more satisfactory way to spend a few hours 🙂

The process is as follows:

– make and prove the sweet dough, roll it out, add chocolate filling (don’t have the chocolate too melted!),

– roll it up into a long sausage, cut it in half, and twist it together to be a ring.

This bread is still delicious even after a week! It is about halfway gone (maybe a bit more) at this point. You can add a glaze of boiled sugar in water if you want too 😮

Here is the recipe I used this time, let me know if you try it! Chocolate Couronne recipe

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