Working out after working all day? (215/365) #blogaday

When quarantine was first set in place, Nathan and I created a routine where we had different activities every few days. For me, these included writing, working out, something art-related (mod podge or online art class).

Now that I have been working again full-time, I have completely dropped those extra things because they were mainly to fill the days when we couldn’t leave the house.

Working out is one that I would like to try and bring back but it is so tricky after the work day because I am mentally exhausted and just want to relax or make some food or hang out with Nathan before getting ready for bed.

I can tell on some of the night walks or masked hikes Nathan and I do that my body is more sore and tight. I was able to walk more steep hills and for a longer period of time. Also, my shoulders and back pain has been flaring up more regularly – if I work out instead of staying stiff, it should help keep blood flow to the muscles and stretching included in the online exercises is beneficial as well.

I am putting it in writing – starting TODAY AUGUST 6, I (Hannah) will go back to Zumba on Wednesday’s at 7 pm and one other workout (Pop sugar or my friends workouts)! Now I am holding myself accountable, and will make notes for Zumba on Wednesdays and popsugar/my friends’ on my calendar 🙂

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