Dancing the endulgances away

This past Friday night, I was invited to go dancing at a nightclub in town. It was 90s night, which made the mix of music very fun 🙂 There were some that I did not know since I was born in the early nineties (and wasn’t listening to hip hop at age 3 ha!) But the beats were great to move to, and my friends knew more of the songs since they are a bit older. Towards the end of the night, the DJ switched to more records that I LOVE! We were singing and jumping around to Backstreet Boys, Ace of Base, Salt N Pepa, and more. We only had about one to two drinks each – and a shot! -which meant that were mostly dancing our hearts out.


Most of us were quite worn out as we headed home, and I realized that dancing with high energy is actually a great workout! I have known that Zumba classes are good workouts, but I don’t often think about dancing at the bars to be exercise. But I had 15,000 steps that day, and most of them were during the time we were out dancing 😮

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