(Sun’s Out, Guns Out) What constitutes a workout?

When you think of working out – gym clothes, machines, an instructor, and music probably come to mind. BUT in the past few days, my muscles are sore from dancing and hiking. It is important to notice what you want to occur in your body during your workout plan.


This list below is a good checklist to tell whether you exercised:

– blood pumping

– heart rate level increased

– adrenaline might be up

– sweating

– sore muscles or core

– possibly out of breath (if intensity is high)

– feel like endorphins were released

– stress level dropped


Hiking is a great workout in my opinion because your legs grow stronger based on the hill incline and length of walk. I try to switch up how I exercise because it could become dull if you are always doing the elliptical in the gym. However, when it comes to a class, it can be important to make it a routine so you can learn the moves and build report with instructors. This past Friday, we learned some dances that are done with the school community and everyone was out of breath by the end 🙂 I love the feeling of dancing because it combines music and working out! 

Happy Sunday! (Sun’s Out, Guns Out)

What do you do to exercise? (go to local gym, bike/walk, dance, etc) I’d love to hear in the comments!


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