Flavor Friday: Soup Warms the Soul

In the Fall/Winter time, I love a good hearty soup! Where I moved to doesn’t get as cold or change seasons as quickly, but it is finally chillier in the evenings – I made one of my favorites out of “The Ultimate Student Cookbook.” It involves a tomato base with lots of yummy vegetables like broccoli, carrots, parsnip, onion, and whatever else you desire. You boil and let it all simmer for about 30-40 minutes and then enjoy 🙂

I add something different every time I make it, which is usually multiple times a year. This time, I combined chicken broth as well as tomatoes for the base as well as rice because you can’t have a soup without noodles or rice in my opinion 😮 Campbell’s and Progresso both include “chicken with rice” and “chicken noodle” in their flavors.

Even though this one is so delicious, I would love to try some other soup recipes..please comment below if you make something scrumptious or know of a cookbook/website that has a good soup recipe!

Share the food, share the love!

2 thoughts on “Flavor Friday: Soup Warms the Soul

  1. I don’t have an actual recipe I just throw things together. Basically it is chicken broth, carrots, celery and onion, a little poultry seasoning, some Mrs Dash and Reames frozen egg noodles… then I add water and bullion to compensate for all the veggies I added. Put in some chicken (canned if I am in a hurry) and eat. I love the Reames noodles!

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